Grace House female-only residential service

Grace House is a gender specific service in North London, developed to meet the needs of women who require abstinence-based residential substance misuse treatment in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Delivered by an all-female team of Therapeutic Workers, with a high staff:client ratio, our programme has been developed using evidence and best practice around trauma-informed approaches to care, with staff trained to recognise and respond sensitively to the effects of trauma. Women accessing our service may have experienced multiple disadvantage and will typically have a range of needs. We deliver a highly personalised and holistic package of support, and can offer access to specialist therapeutic intervention where this is required. This has included:

  • Specialist one-to-one support for eating disorders
  • Parenting support

  • EMDR
  • CBT

Residents stay for between 12 and 24 weeks, gaining more independence as their time progresses, allowing them to develop the skills needed to live independently. In the final stage of the programme, the women move into a bungalow, where each bedroom benefits from its own garden.


  • Single and double bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities
  • On-site facilities and activities include TV & DVD, recovery garden and creative recovery
  • Ability-appropriate off-site activities include bowling, cinema, walks, trips to museums
  • Registration with local doctors, dentist, opticians
  • Sexual health screenings
  • Own garden for the final stage of the programme

Treatment programme:  All clients have weekly one-to-one sessions with their Therapeutic Worker, where they develop a structured care plan and begin to address underlying and inter-related needs, including mental and physical health, relationships and causes and consequences of substance misuse.

Our rolling group programme incorporates a range of sessions aimed at supporting recovery from trauma as well as accredited workshops, and therapeutic activities, including:

  • Freedom programme – accredited domestic violence programme
  • Understanding and managing emotions, anxiety, depression and anger
  • Healing meditation
  • Understanding trauma and the body
  • Healthy relationships and co-dependency
  • Identity and self-esteem

We take a holistic, trauma-informed approach, addressing physical and mental wellbeing through a range of health and wellbeing activities, including regular yoga and women’s only gym sessions and regular participation in local conservation projects.

Detox pathway packages are available.


Eight weeks aftercare is offered to all graduates, consisting of

  • One-to-one keyworks and/or group sessions and support with community re-engagement.
  • 24 hour access to telephone support during aftercare.
  • Peer mentoring opportunities.

Who we help: Women aged 18 years and over with substance misuse issues and other complex needs.

Acceptance Criteria: We provide for people 18 years of age and over who wish to address their substance misuse in an abstinent environment.

In order to meet your rehabilitation aims safely and effectively we use a comprehensive person-centred assessment. With your consent and involvement we assess your individual health, communication, mobility and safeguarding needs. We endeavour to make adaptations to the programme, communication and environment where possible in order to ensure that our services are as inclusive as possible. Following assessment with your consent we may ask for further information in order to assess your need.

We provide a medically-supervised therapeutic detox in a number of our services. For clients who require a detox, specific criteria applies. Please contact us for details. 

Our programmes are delivered in English and so, whilst we endeavour to provide translated and accessible programme materials, basic English comprehension is required.

Phoenix offer a range of Residential Services designed to meet differing care needs. On assessment we may recommend the most appropriate Phoenix Residential Service to meet your needs.

We are committed to treating our staff, clients, their families and carers in a manner that is equitable, free from discrimination and ensures dignity and respect for all.

Our partners at Grace House:

Recovery through Nature, Hearing Voices network, 12-step fellowship meetings, Clean Break, Play therapy, Women in Prison, Solace Women’s Aid,  Chrysalis Project, operating from St Mungo’s Broadway

Want to know more?  Please read this brochure.

If you are interested in entering Grace House as a private client, please read this brochure.

Evidence of Effectiveness - A review of the international evidence for Residential Treatment Services shows that there is a strong and consistent evidence base supportive of the benefits of residential treatment that derives both from treatment outcome studies and randomised trials. To read a review of the evidence by Sheffield Hallam University's Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice click here 


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