The Griffith Edwards Fund

The Griffith Edwards Fund - Helping support people in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation


Together we can transform and save lives

It is estimated that 33,000 people across the UK experience homelessness, substances misuse and associated issues like mental health, domestic violence and sexual exploitation. Due to the complexity of their needs they often fail to find stability and recovery in their communities as individual community services struggle to provide for people with multiple and complex needs. Residential rehab services offer a solution with a package of care and support in one place, however inequality of funding for rehab across the country means people can face insurmountable barriers accessing rehab.

The Griffith Edwards Fund aims to assist people with complex needs to access residential rehab and benefit from the kind of 24/7 care and support they need. Providing a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment residential rehab is life changing and in some cases a life-saving opportunity. We want to make that opportunity accessible to more people in need with your help.

Phoenix have been successfully providing rehab services for over 45 years ago through specialist services in Glasgow, the Wirral, Sheffield and London. We see recovery in action every day in our services, our residents leave us healthier and happier and looking forward to creating a meaningful fulfilling future for themselves and their community.   

An investment in your community

24 hours in rehab costs around £88, we aim to raise £30,000 to provide 340 days rehab for people most in need. Every pound helps us towards our target and in turn benefits the wider community. It is estimates that for every £1 invested in drug treatment £2.50 is saved in costs to society and we believe this to be much greater for an investment in residential rehab.

Who was Griffith Edwards?

Professor Edwards co-founded Phoenix Futures over 45 years ago and dedicated his life to researching the best ways to treat alcohol and drug dependence. Although Professor Edwards died in 2012, it is fitting that the fund will now continue his work for helping some of the most vulnerable and neglected people in our society.


Service user stats

Phoenix residential services equip people with the skills they have been deprived of to make the most of their potential and the confidence to use thoes skills in a positive way.



Make an online donation to The Griffith Edwards Fund  through our JustGiving campaign page.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘Phoenix Futures’  to The Griffith Edwards Fund, Phoenix Futures, 68 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DF. 
Donations can also be made by direct bank transfer. Email  for more details on how to do this.

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