Celebrating 6 years of conservation work in Barnsley

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23 March 2017

Celebrating 6 years of conservation work in Barnsley

Whilst Recovery through Nature continues in other locations across the country, on 1 March 2017 Adrian Moran, Phoenix’s Recovery through Nature Leader, marked the last Recovery through Nature day in Barnsley. Over the last 6 years the scale of conservation work that been carried out by Adrian and Phoenix service users and partners is vast.

The following is just a very brief summary of a few of the projects completed

On Marsden Moor

Heather spreading, flag laying, cotton grass planting and dam construction to conserve the peat on the Moors which then helps prevent the erosion of peat, which has more carbon locked away per square mile than rain forest.

At Phoenix Park and New Park springs

Hazel, wild cherry and willow tree planting as part of the regeneration of the two sites and tree felling as part of woodland management this helps to allow for a safer environment by taking out dead and potentially dangerous trees and allows for other less hardy species to also thrive within the woods.


Board walk construction to replace the previous sunken one. This now provides elevation from the water logged stretch of path and also guide the public on a route which prevents erosion.

Wombwell Woods

Rhododendron management - rhododendron is a very hardy and invasive species which takes over if allowed and can monopolise the woodland suffocating other trees and plants. The group cut, fell and uproot the invasive species and then burn the rhododendron and also learn about fire safety and outdoor cooking.

Adrian said: “What a truly meaningful, and momentous last Recovery through Nature day for the Barnsley group! The whole experience exceeded any expectations I could have conceived!“

The day was a celebration to recognise Phoenix’s 6 years of working in partnership in Barnsley with The John Muir Trust, Natural England, The National Trust, The Forestry Commission, The Conservation Volunteers and Community Science. Together the project supported people to make positive change, developing and enhancing personal development skills and making tangible positive connections with nature and the environment.

The Barnsley Recovery through Nature group have collectively achieved over 200 Discovery Awards, over 50 Explorer Awards and 2 Conserver Awards throughout the duration of the programme. Recovery through Nature and The John Muir Awards enhanced our existing programme by adding even more value, purpose and structure to the already, successful therapeutic intervention.

Adrian added: “The day was made even more special on a personal level, when Coralie of The John Muir Trust presented me with my Conserver Award, an achievement that I hold dear and that consists of a journey that I feel privileged and proud to have undertaken.”

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