Launching our new strategy – Confident about Recovery

node leader
5 May 2017

After developing this new strategy over the last 12 months in consultation with the people who use our services, our volunteers, funders and staff, we are delighted to launch it to the public.
As a charity we have seen much change over the last 50 years. We know there is less money being spent on our services and other vital local services in recent years. There are also an increasing number of people finding themselves in the most desperate of circumstances.
More people are dying of drug related issues, the highest on record across the UK. More people are accessing services without a home. It has become harder to access funding, meaning some people don’t get access to the treatment they need or they don’t get it for long enough. What’s more as funders are forced to make difficult decisions about what they can fund, people in addiction and those struggling to maintain their recovery are at greater risk from stigma.
Despite these challenges we remain confident about recovery and our ability to support individuals, families and communities to make positive change. We have redesigned our services, programmes and interventions to ensure we enable people to build the recovery capital they need to be confident of a long term recovery that offers a sense of purpose, a fulfilling family and social life and a stable home. We call these our Confident About Recovery Services. To meet that aim we will also be growing the provision of our vital recovery housing across the country and updating and re-launching an innovative employability programme across all services.

Whilst effective and accessible treatment services are vital, treatment alone is not enough, we also need to ensure that barriers to recovery such as unhelpful stigma and policy are reduced or eliminated, and supporters of recovery can come together to share their views and experiences to benefit society. Therefore we’ll also be talking more confidently about drug and alcohol problems and the challenges of life in recovery.

It is important to have a voice. We hope it will help us find other people who share our values and wish to collaborate to make change. We also know that a fear of speaking up won’t address the stigma that reduces the quality of life of the people we support, hurts their families and divides communities.

It’s time for us as a charity, and all of us working towards a more recovery-friendly society, to have the confidence to speak up. You can find out more about these ‘Your Voice’ projects and campaigns here.

Look out for more news on our website and our social media as we develop our strategy over the coming months and years.


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