News: Phoenix awarded 5 stars for EFQM

node leader
29 May 2015

This was the second Recognised for Excellence (“R4E”) assessment of Phoenix, the first being in 2013 and resulting in us being awarded 4 stars under the EFQM model.

We have been working to the Excellence model since our first assessment in 2013 and it has helped us bring real improvements to our organisation.

I am very proud of the whole organisation. At Phoenix we believe in being the best and it is through frameworks like this one that we can evidence how good we are.

That doesn’t mean it is time to rest on our laurels, there is always more we can do. But it is great for the work of staff, service users and volunteers across the organisation to be recognised in this way. It also shows that when organisations adopt sound business principles whilst staying true to their values they can achieve excellence.

The EFQM assessors gave us wonderful feedback on our practices here and commented on our very broad and deep focus on service users, based on the evidence-based benefits of therapeutic approaches. Service users are extensively involved in the design and development of our innovative services and experience, and it was noted Phoenix takes a values-driven approach to bidding for services, preferring to go for contracts where values are aligned with their own.

Their feedback showed how firmly we draw from and live by our values. This can be seen in our financial strategy, focusing on securing financial sustainability to support investment in new services and ensure long term organisational success, which reflects our commitment to showing strength as a charity.

The EFQM also picked out clear signs that innovation is part of the way of life in Phoenix, and that the approaches have been reviewed and refined over time. We welcome ideas from all stakeholders, not just staff, and relevant stakeholders are involved in reviewing and testing new/improved ideas.

I am so proud of all staff members, Phoenix’s work is defined in a variety of policies, procedures, process maps and protocols, and we have an understanding of the importance of potential changes in the external environment. We were told we demonstrate a greater awareness of the benefit of creating “head space” to reflect on the possible impact of various issues/changes on Phoenix and we consider the longer term – not short term reactions.

Overall, Phoenix people are involved in the development of plans and policies to support Phoenix’s Corporate Plan strategy.  We take real pride in the learning and development of our staff, and we want to work in a culture which is open and encourages people to be involved and contribute ideas to how we can more people have brighter futures.

Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).