Praise for B-Chilled

node leader
3 May 2016

Phoenix's B-Chilled project works in the night time economy and the wider community to help create a safer environment for all.


Working with a wide range of partners the project has gained a reputation as an innovative outreach solution that gets closer to the issues. B-Chilled focuses on mild to moderately problematic recreational and experimental drug and alcohol use offering an approach that engages people positively by relating realistically to attitudes and lifestyles. You can find out more about the service here 


Here are just a couple of the positive recommendations the service has received -


"There are several ways that the B-Chilled Programme has brought value to us at Creative Recovery.  Alongside offering support and progression for our participants, they have also become a champion for our work here in Barnsley. B-Chilled radiates an infectious positivity with a professional edge and  brings a real openness in it's approach which I belief enables people to engage and reflect non-judgementally on their use of substances.


Many of our service users still talk about the B-Chilled visit and how beneficial it was to talk about their alcohol use in a non-threatening and honest way.  I believe this is much down to the warmth of character and expertise of Charlie, who is now seen as a friend of Creative Recovery. This has led to several participants speaking more about considering their use of alcohol and the impacts on their mental health. It also has had other great benefits for  a few of our participants whom are now engaging with B-Chilled as volunteers, bringing opportunities for personal and professional development and empowering people and their personal sense of worth to be active in their own community.


These kind of opportunities are invaluable for our community and help us in our work as an organisation to broaden horizons, make the links and nurture a culture in Barnsley that promotes Recovery and presents alternatives to alcohol fuelled activities and alcohol related self-harm." Hayley Youell, Lead Artist and Development Worker, Creative Recovery


"B-Chilled have been working with us now for a number of months and continuing to do so on a monthly basis. They have positively been working with the community in Barnsley in raising awareness of drug and alcohol misuse and helping individuals learn about the risks of drink, drugs and unsafe sex.

Our venue attracts a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and of different ages from 18yrs plus. Our customers and staff have complemented the work of B-Chilled in their professional yet relaxed approach to their work in raising awareness of said risks.

Personally the work of B-Chilled helps to allow our customers to engage with services at a location convenient to them highlighting the risks involved with drug use and overindulgence of alcohol which they may not otherwise be aware of.

Such work is invaluable for an industry such as the late night economy in bridging the gap between a good night but a safe night out. We are hopeful that the work will continue at our venue in the months to come and have a further positive influence for our customers." Kay Tinkler, Assistant Manager, Che Bar & Coco



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