Recovery Begins at Home Survey - What you said

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12 January 2017

Recovery Begins at Home Survey

Many thanks to the participants in our Recovery Begins at Home Survey. We asked how housing had either helped or hindered your recovery. Just some of the responses we received here -


“In my case it has hindered me severely. Three years ago my partner died outside my garden. The council have still not helped, each day is a constant reminder.”


“Coming out of prison already clean it was vital I had a safe place to live without judgment, for many years I sofa surfed using substances with no knowledge of recovery until I was housed & supported. Most of the staff are in long term recovery & they knew what I was going through. Amazing start within the community for me, I now have my own accommodation & still clean & doing really well”


“Since coming into recovery I have had to rent homes which leaves me feeling insecure, I have had to move numerous times and recently a year ago. I feel I haven't got a home to call mine which has impacted on my children also over the years”    


 “A home in a peaceful setting is vital. It has to be quiet and it has to feel safe. It has to be secure and have plenty of natural light. It has to have room for your things, & your pet, if you have one. It has to have facilities for keeping clean, and it has to have warmth and space to move around in. Friendly neighbours help, too.”


“Whilst I was in addiction it seemed no one wanted to help I had children and ended up staying in some awful places. This kept me within addiction for a long time as I couldn't find a way out. My worker referred me to housing which unfortunately was not helpful as I had a child they didn't have anything for me.”


Many thanks to all the participants. We’ll be analysing your feedback in details to help develop our specialist recovery housing services.

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