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What is your Stakeholders Charter?

How are you assessed for quality of service?

How do you internally assess quality of service?

How do you monitor health and safety?

How do you collect and manage data?


What is your Stakeholders Charter?

Our Stakeholders Charter is our commitment to you. The Stakeholders Charter illustrates our promise to our partners, our commissioners, and other stakeholders. You can see the full charter here.


How are you assessed for quality of service?

Phoenix Futures has used the EFQM Excellence Model since 2010. The Model is Europe’s leading Quality Management System and is what the UK Excellence Awards are judged against.

We were pleased to win the British Quality Foundation Achievement Award for Leadership at the UK Excellence Awards 2011.

Phoenix Futures has conducted four self-assessments against the EFQM Excellence Model – in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015.  We applied for accreditation under the Recognised for Excellence scheme and were thrilled to be awarded five stars as of May 2015.

Phoenix Futures has shown continuous improvement, being awarded 300 points in 2010, 340 in 2011, 450 in 2013, and over 500 in 2015.  We utilise the feedback and build action points into work plans and our strategy.

We are an established member of the British Quality Foundation.


How do you internally assess quality of service?

We carry out internal audits to:

  • assess services against a range of standards

  • assure the safety, quality, and consistency of our services

  • generate continuous improvement

  • identify and share good practice

For more information on our internal auditing process please contact the Quality Team directly on 020 7234 9778 or via quality.performance.


How do you monitor health and safety?

Phoenix Futures has comprehensive safety arrangements in place. Our Health and Safety Policy is available to employees as a manual and on our intranet.

As part of every new employee’s induction they are given an employee handbook which summarises the health and safety policy and a health and safety induction which includes fire arrangements, risk assessments and roles and responsibilities.

We monitor adherence to health and safety policy through our annual audit which is undertaken by two or more managers from outside the service.

We have a comprehensive support and consultation structure in place based around a series of representatives signified by different colour “Hats”.

White Hats: are 'Safety Champions' who represent a locality and support several Gold Hats who are based in services in their localities.

Gold Hats: are 'Safety Keepers' who are responsible for Health and Safety within their service.

Red Hats: are ‘fire marshals’ who act to prevent fire and make sure people can evacuate in the event of a fire or emergency.

Green Hats: are First-aiders who act to preserve life and treat minor injuries.


How do you collect and manage data?

Phoenix Futures uses ILLY Systems – LINKS CarePath to collect, store and manage data.

Data recorded on LINKS CarePath is used to submit data to Public Health England, as well as creating reports for external stakeholders such as local commissioning bodies and research projects, and internal performance reviews.

LINKS CarePath is a client management system and enables bespoke reporting for our substance misuse services.

LINKS CarePath is NDTMS compliant and includes built-in validations to help ensure high data quality and completeness. The availability of add-on modules, such as Criminal Justice, allows Phoenix Futures to integrate services and scale as and when is required.

For more information about LINKS CarePath and how we collect and manage data please contact the Quality Team on 020 7234 9778 or via


Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).