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We offer affordable staff training to external organisations, drawing on our expertise and knowledge of the sector. Our training sessions are carefully crafted and developed to suit a range of learning styles, and promise to be interactive and informative.

We provide training on topics such as:

We also run a two-day Train the Trainer course, which provides a Level 3 Gateway qualification in Delivering Training. Courses can be tailored to suit the needs or requirements of your organisation. For more information, pricing or to book a course please contact

Previous training reviews:

"A large group of students met with me immediately after the workshop and said how helpful they found it. The material was obviously very well judged and pitched at the right level to gain their interest. They were energised about the skills and information they had gained."

Dominic McLoughlin, Student Support Manager, Heythrop College - October 2015

"I would also like to say what a pleasure it has been to work with you and to thank you for all your work for us, not to mention the early starts you have had to make to get here! You have made a real difference to the competence of the people that have attended the courses and in turn the agencies they work for and the service they provide to service users and their families. Thank you."

Norfolk DAAT, November 2015

"Excellent in content and delivery"
"Interesting case studies put information into perspective"

Phoenix Staff member, March 2015


Find the right course for you:

Deprivation of Liberty and Mental Capacity Act
This half day course covers:
 • Mental Capacity Act (2005)
• Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (2009)
• Assessment
• Five Core Principles
• Staff Liability
• Protection under DoLS (2009)
As well as differences between mental health act and mental capacity act.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
This full day course teaches participants to recognise effects, signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use as well as raising awareness of the impact of stereotypical ideas of drug and alcohol users.

Managing Challenging Behaviour
Challenging behaviours may be viewed as occurring in a cycle: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery. Analysis of this cycle provides a foundation for using a variety of strategies to minimise the triggers of challenging behaviour, teach more appropriate behaviours in response to these triggers, or provide consequences to the challenging behaviour that will encourage a more appropriate response. The training will look at the many aspect of dealing with challenging behaviour and role play will be part of the day.

Motivational Interviewing
We provide both a one day ‘Introduction to Motivational Interviewing’ session and a two day ‘Advanced Motivational Interviewing’.

Introduction to MI
To use Motivational Interviewing skills in practice and obtain feedback from other participants and the trainer. To explore how to use Motivational Interviewing in situations such as limited sessions (brief intervention) and groups.

Advanced MI
The course is run over 2 days (day 2 is a follow up session usually held one month after the initial day). Day 1 refreshes the principles, micro-skills and spirit required to practice MI effectively with a strong focus on practice with peers and receiving observer feedback. At the end of day 1 each participant keeps a reflective journal of their practice for 4 weeks – day 2 uses this information to form this session focusing on areas for development. At the end of the course participants will have an increased confidence in their MI practice and the self-awareness of how to keep on

Novel Psychoactive Substances (Legal Highs)
This full day course covers the current climate of Novel Psychoactive Substances and their risks and effects. It goes through the history and legislation associated with NPS (formerly legal highs) and how to work with service users who misuse them.

Working with Families
This full day course raises awareness of the issues that the families of service users face, increases knowledge of how to support families and makes participants aware of resources and materials available to assist children cope with having a parent in recovery. The course will give you a clear overview of issues facing families and will provide you with a range of strategies and resources to help you support them.

Train the Trainer
This two day course develops skilled, confident trainers in a group setting. It is an accredited course and provides a Gateway Level Three qualification in Delivering Training.

For more information, pricing or to book a course please contact

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