Building Futures North Lanarkshire

The passionate and experienced team at Building Futures North Lanarkshire are available to support individuals and families in their next steps on their recovery journey.

Building Futures work across the North Lanarkshire region from our base in Coatbridge, supporting adults and families who are affected by substance misuse to take the next steps in their recovery journey.

We support individuals and families to overcome any barriers they may face on a day to day basis, and aim to reduce social isolation across North Lanarkshire. We also promote recovery and challenge stigma across the region through our many Recovery Culture Events, and believe in showing people that not only is recovery possible, it is happening all around them every day!

Peer Support

Our Volunteer Peer Mentors are matched with a Peer Mentee and offer support within the local community. They provide Mentees with a programme of peer support tailored to their individual needs. Mentees receive practical support around issues such as housing, benefits, money management and physical and emotional health. They will also receive support to integrate into the community. This can range from support to attend the local gym, going for a coffee together or could be support using public transport or finding out more about the community they live in. Our Peer Mentors also accompany Peer Mentees, if requested, to appointments within the community, such as GP appointments, DWP interviews, and to mutual aid organisations, to help combat any fear or anxiety.

We believe that every individual has the ability to live a positive and productive life, and delivering support in a person centered way encourages this. This support is driven by the individual focusing on their goals and aspirations.

The Building Futures North Lanarkshire service not only benefits the Peer Mentees involved, but also the Volunteer Peer Mentors, who are often ‘experts by experience’. The Volunteer Peer Mentors are recruited, trained and managed by Mentor Development Workers and have the opportunity to gain accredited qualifications. They also have access to Phoenix Futures’ full range of internal learning and development opportunities in order to build the necessary skills and confidence to increase their own employability.

Family Support

Those affected by a loved one’s substance misuse need to recover too. Our dedicated Family Intervention worker can support families in a one-to-one setting or within our Open Family Support Group, facilitated here in our Coatbridge base. Our workers are trained in various techniques that can support families to encourage their loved one into treatment. Alongside our partners in the Addiction Recovery Team, we help to facilitate the Strengthening Families Programme which takes place over eight weeks. This programme supports the whole family and is designed to improve the family dynamic, improve communication and help parents build positive boundaries.


Our fully trained and accredited Recovery Intervention Counsellors offer counselling over six separate sessions, helping individuals to look at positive behaviour change, and identify irrational beliefs and thinking errors with a focus on identifying positive coping strategies.

Activities and Group work

We offer a wide variety of activities and interventions within our weekly planner of activities. These include SMART Recovery groups, gender specific groups, family support, and art groups. We also deliver the Building Futures group work programme in each locality in North Lanarkshire. These take place within the offices of our main partners, North Lanarkshire Addiction Recovery Team. These groups look at area such as recovery maintenance, motivation and taking responsibility, managing anger, relapse prevention and offending behaviour.

Recovery through Nature

Building Futures offers our award winning Recovery through Nature programme which operates two days per week in North Lanarkshire. Individuals involved will learn new skills and can complete accredited John Muir conservation awards. This part of the programme has the beautiful landscape of North Lanarkshire as its backdrop and is a fun and energetic activity helping to improve both physical and mental health.

Recovery Culture

Phoenix Futures Scotland celebrate recovery culture through a variety of events and activities, uniting people in recovery across North Lanarkshire and beyond.

Recovery means passion, strength and courage, a community which will always welcome you, and a new positive way of life.

Our service is fully involved in the Recovery Culture project and so far the activities we have been involved in range from events in local parks, where we invite the local community along for Mocktails, to recently organising a Winter Ceilidh where the local community danced along to some old favourites.

We believe that recovery should be fun, enjoyable and inclusive and this is what our Recovery Culture Campaign represents!

What our Service Users Say…

“I always look forward to coming in to the service, being there makes me feel human”

“Me and my son talk to each other now rather than shouting at each other as we did before”

“The service has helped me re-build my self-confidence and I’m forever grateful”


What our Volunteers Say…


“I help to support others but in doing that I receive growth in return”

“I started as a service user which helped me become less isolated. This led me to apply to become a Peer Mentor. I loved the training, learning new skills and building up a support network with the other Volunteers. I now have two Mentees that I support on a weekly basis. It makes me feel good to see people taking positive steps forward in their life with a little support”


Next Step

If you are a referring agency, looking to self-refer or want more information on becoming a Volunteer Peer Mentor, please contact our team in Coatbridge on 01236 425338 or 01236 426385.

Alternatively, you can email our service at 


Who we help: People aged 18 years and over who have had a period of stability in their recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, and family members affected by a loved one’s substance use.

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Location: 42/43 Fountain Business Centre, 19 Ellis Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3AA

Get in touch: /  01236 425338 or 01236 426385


Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).