Why volunteer with us?

  • Make new connections

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people and support us in contributing to the lives of the people we support. 

  • Practice your skills and gain new ones

We operate in a variety of settings which means we can offer a range of different volunteering opportunities.

  • Help support individuals, families and the community

We are passionate about the work we do and whether you can spend a few hours conducting a yoga class, support running groups or helping out in one of our central office teams - your contribution will make a positive impact.

Salma’s Story – getting back to an office environment after having children 

I took a break from working when I had children, during this time office work had changed a lot due to new technology, so I needed to get training and experience before going back into full-time work. I came across Phoenix Futures advert for a Volunteer HR Support, I thought I’d apply and see what happens, and here I am, continuing to work for Phoenix Futures 4 years later. 

All the staff I worked with were so nice and professional, they taught me how to use the finance and HR systems, send out professional emails, organise contracts, how to use excel etc. I continue to use the skills I learnt whilst volunteering in HR on a daily basis. I am currently working as Administrator to Phoenix’s Chief Exec, volunteering with HR and the experience that I gained from it gave me the skills and the confidence that I needed to apply for the role I am in today.

Andy’s Story

I love volunteering as it helps me to put everything I’ve learned into perspective and I can now pass on that learning to help others, it keeps me busy and focused. Throughout my time I have learnt so much and I’ve undertaken lots of training to help me develop skills for employment such as confidence, how to interact, the importance of asking for help if I need it, professional boundaries etc. I have much more confidence in my own ability, so now I keep pushing forward.

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