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We provide community-based substance use support for those who are involved in the Justice System in Essex. 

Full Circle

In partnership with Essex Partnership University Trust, the Full Circle service works with individuals over the age of 18 who find themselves in the Justice system and have multiple needs such as substance use, mental health and learning difficulties. Full Circle is a diverse service that spans the community in Essex.

Full Circle supports people to navigate services and pathways to ensure that individual treatment needs are addressed. The service also offers Conditional Cautions and Community Resolution appointments for anyone who has been arrested, and completes the Care Act Assessment for those that require adult social care support whilst in custody.

Health and Justice

The Health & Justice Service is a consortium of three organisations (Phoenix Futures, Castle Rock Group & Essex Partnership University Trust) who work together to support those over the age of 10 that are involved in the Justice System and have multiple and additional needs. The service provides forensic healthcare support to those in custody, full mental health assessment and support to navigate community treatment providers. In addition, the service completes Drug Rehabilitation Requirement and Alcohol Treatment Requirement assessments, supporting anyone who is in touch with the Justice system through Voluntary Attendances.

Forensic Service

Working in partnership with Essex Partnership University Trust, Phoenix provides support to those who are leaving low/medium secure mental health facilities. Our team support individuals to access appointments on discharge, in order to ensure they can continue to access the support they need.


The Horizon Project is delivered by the Full Circle team and supports service users with Significant Multiple Disadvantage (substance use, offending and homelessness). The service links individuals to relevant services and supports them to attend appointments, sourcing pathways to meet their specific needs.