Our Programme

Our therapeutic programme promotes change by developing self-worth and personal responsibility, and challenging individual attitudes and behaviours.

The Therapeutic Community is designed to encourage the development of life and social skills through engagement in daily work and activity routines. Additionally, structured group work utilises a range of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) methods, and Psycho-education and innovative techniques including behavioural role play therapy. 

The full programme works on an individual person-centred approach and includes life story work and peer support. Our team of skilled therapeutic workers provide personalised support based on bespoke Care Plans devised together with the individual.

Gender Specific Support

We have dedicated spaces for single-gender access and activities, and groups which address gender specific issues. We have dedicated sleeping areas which are separated into female and male-only areas. We operate a trauma-informed approach to our care and aim to provide a safe, supportive, psychologically-informed environment which seeks to address the issues faced more commonly by female service users.

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At each of our services we endeavour where possible to accommodate the needs of those facing a barrier to treatment. Our Scottish Residential service in Glasgow is well-equipped for those with mobility issues. Each of the 31 rooms features an en-suite bathroom and can be accessed either via the ground floor or by lift to the first floor. The open spaces and ample corridors ensure ease of access for wheelchair users.


We accept placements which are funded by a number of sources. Many will access funding via their local Council with support from their community substance misuse service, while others may be self-funded or supported by a third party e.g. their employer.

Each placement that we accept is subject to assessment to ensure the individual is prepared and informed upon entering treatment, and to be certain that we are the right service to meet their needs and expectations. 

At Phoenix Futures we care passionately about the work we do and the people at the heart of it. If you or someone you know is looking for impartial guidance on accessing residential rehabilitation we can help you to take those first steps.