Phoenix Futures has six residential services across the U.K. Each offers unique features to complement our shared vision of how best to support every person who joins our Therapeutic Communities. Our therapeutic programme ranges from 3 to 6 months. 

Our Programme

Our therapeutic programme promotes change by developing self-worth and personal responsibility, and challenging individual attitudes and behaviours.

The Therapeutic Community is designed to encourage the development of life and social skills through engagement in daily work and activity routines. Additionally, structured group work utilises a range of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) methods, and Psycho-education and innovative techniques including behavioural role play therapy. 

The full programme works on an individual person-centred approach and includes life story work and peer support. Our team of skilled therapeutic workers provide personalised support based on bespoke Care Plans devised together with the individual.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

At Phoenix Futures we pride ourselves on being inclusive and are committed to ensuring equality of access to treatment. Everyone is welcome to join our supportive Therapeutic Community and our staff are culturally aware and sensitive to diverse needs. 

People from all walks of life are affected by drug and alcohol use. We welcome adults of all ages, ethnicity, gender identity or expression and sexual orientation and we seek to be as inclusive as possible to people with disabilities. 

We have substantial experience working with women who require additional support for their mental health or who have experienced physical and sexual violence and abuse. We know many women use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate as a means to relieve symptoms of an existing mental health condition or deal with the trauma they have experienced in the past. We know women try and cope with these situations for a long time to protect themselves and their children. We support women to recover from these experiences by providing a nurturing, psychologically informed environment that:

  • Fosters a sense of home and safety
  • Provides practical support to manage high levels of destitution and low self-care
  • Offers highly skilled and empathetic staff
  • Supports women through Specialist Trauma Informed Care approaches
  • Provides support and structure from the therapeutic community, developing a sense of confidence and control

Some of our residentials have single occupancy rooms, for those services that don't men and women have separate areas of the house where they are based and we can provide separate bedrooms for transgender people and those who identify as non-binary if required.


We accept placements which are funded by a number of sources. Many will access funding via their local Council with support from their community substance misuse service, while others may be self-funded or supported by a third party e.g. their employer.

Each placement that we accept is subject to assessment to ensure the individual is prepared and informed upon entering treatment, and to be certain that we are the right service to meet their needs and expectations. 

At Phoenix Futures we care passionately about the work we do and the people at the heart of it. If you or someone you know is looking for impartial guidance on accessing residential rehabilitation we can help you to take those first steps.