Gender Pay Reporting

Continuing to help all our staff reach their full potential 


There has been significant movement in the mean gender pay which has moved by over 4 percentage points over the last 12 months.  For the first time it is now under 5%. Whilst this is extremely positive there remains further work for us to do to close the gap.


Chief Executive, Karen Biggs confirmed that: “We have continued to work with all our staff to support everyone in the organisation to be able to reach their full potential.  The work of the internal Equality, Diversity and inclusion Group, whilst still in its early days, is starting to deliver results.  I am confident that the Group will continue to support the work across the Organisation in ensuring that there are neither real nor perceived barriers which are preventing individuals from fulfilling their full potential and achieving their career ambitions. I am pleased that the work we are doing is starting to make an impact, as highlighted by the narrowing of the mean gender pay gap. 


On a personal basis and as a female Chief Executive, supported by a female Chair I remain committed to developing female leaders. I am delighted that the work we have and continue to undertake is starting to be reflected in the reported figures.  During the year we were able to internally promote two female members of staff to senior positions.  I am pleased with the positive steps we have made to deliver improvements and I remain committed to continuing with our programme to address the gender pay gap. 


Commenting on the results Chair of the Board of Trustees, Susan Kinnaird stated that: “As a Board we are pleased with the positive steps that have been  made to narrow the gender pay gap – I am delighted that in my final report as the Board Chair that the Median Gender Pay Gap has narrowed significantly and that there is equal representation of males and females at both the Executive Team Level and Senior Management Team Level. As an organisation we appoint people to roles based on merit regardless of gender.  We fully endorse and support the commitment given by the Chief Executive and the actions proposed to address the gender pay gap.’’ 


Karen Biggs

Chief Executive, Phoenix Futures


Gender Pay Reporting

Mean gender pay gap 4.59%
Median gender pay gap 0.0%
Mean bonus gender pay gap 19.36%
Median bonus gender pay gap 42.27%
Percentage who receive a bonus 7.93%


  • Percentage of males who receive a bonus 11.26%
  • Percentage of females who receive a bonus 5.37%

Proportion of females and males in each quartile bracket

Upper quartile 40.37% male and 59.63% female
Upper middle quartile 30.00% male and 70.00% female
Lower middle quartile 31.19% male and 68.81% female
Lower quartile 34.55% male and 65.45% female