Purple Camel

What is Purple Camel?

Purple Camel is a range of environmentally friendly projects that build on our successfully established Recovery through Nature project and our continuing contributions to Phoenix Forests in England and Scotland.

Purple Camel combines innovative therapeutic activities, community engagement and a sustainable impact on the natural environment.

In short these projects bring people together to take part in activities that help individuals, the wider community and our shared environment. Everyone benefits and everyone can get involved!


Why Purple Camel?

The term comes from our innovative Recovery through Nature project. Recovery through Nature enables people in treatment to take part in a wide range of conservation activities in the countryside activities as a team. When teams were first taken into the countryside they would exclaim “there’s a sheep!”, once they got accustomed to seeing sheep then only a purple sheep would warrant an exclamation. 

Over time our Service Users, particularly in Derbyshire, were used to seeing sheep on such a regular basis (and that local markings were often purple) so that only a camel, or even better purple camel, would warrant exclamation.

It’s a metaphor for the value of being in a learning environment that is totally new, and being open to continuously challenging ourselves through variety and discovery. It’s also about taking notice of our surroundings and our impact on the world around us.


Get involved

We’ll be launching our first Purple Camel project very soon! There will be a way you can get involved so look out for updates here and on our facebook and twitter pages.    

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