Gender Pay Reporting


Gender Pay Reporting


Mean gender pay gap                                                           7.1%  
Median gender pay gap                                                        0%  
Mean bonus gender pay gap                                            not applicable (as no bonus payable)  
Median bonus gender pay gap                                        not applicable (as no bonus payable)  
Percentage who receive a bonus                                   not applicable (as no bonus payable)  


Proportion of females and males in each quartile bracket

Upper quartile                                         36% male and 64% female  
Upper middle quartile                         24% male and 76% female  
Lower middle quartile                         26% male and 74% female  
Lower quartile                                          34% male and 66% female  


Helping all our staff reach their full potential

Our gender pay gap analysis shows clearly that Phoenix Futures doesn’t have a pay gap between men and women and there is no difference in bonus payments.

We are proud of the gender balance in our organisation and the opportunities we offer men and women to progress through their career. We are an equal pay employer and the work we do in relation to gender balance within the organisation continues to have an impact.

As we set out in our values and beliefs we believe in being the best and that means ‘giving the very best of ourselves to achieve our purpose’. If we are to give our best we have to feel like we are fulfilling all of our roles in life as best as we can, we can only do that if we feel we can also give our best as a parent or carer, friend or volunteer. We need to feel valued in all of our roles in life.  Our position in the Best Companies 100 Not-for-Profit Organisations To Work For demonstrates we are one of the best organisation to work for, but there is always more we can do.

It would be easy for one of the very few charities in our sector to have a female Chief Executive and female Chair of Trustees to be complacent about gender equality.  Yes we have much to be proud about

  • We have a broadly equal proportion of men and women at each quartile in our organisatio-

    • The care sector is traditionally a female dominated sector at more junior levels and becomes more male dominated at higher levels. The proportion of men and women at the highest and lowest pay quartiles in the organisation is the same in Phoenix

  • We have formal and informal mechanisms to support people to give their very best at work and at home

    • flexible working, free counselling and advice service

  • We have career development opportunities to support men and women to achieve their aspirations

    • leadership courses (including but not exclusively women-only courses), mentoring opportunities, (including gender specific programmes) shadowing opportunities for people internal and external to the organisation

  • Over 50% of our Board members are female including the Chair and Vice Chair

    • this meets the Scottish Government's aspiration of 50:50 gender balance on Boards as set out in the Partnership for Change programme

  • We have strong female role models across the organisation that give inspiration to current and future employees

    • These role models work in all layers of the organisation and across all types of services

  • A total work force committed to gender balance

    • This year the whole organisation came together to give their support to International Women’s Day, men and women of Phoenix made #PressforProgress pledges

 The gender pay gap exercise is helpful in that it gives us some hard data to really test where and how our approaches are working.

There is a lot we will continue to do to support the gender balance within the organisation. Our mean figure of 7.1% reflects the number of male directors we have currently.  I am proud of the female directors over the last 10 years who have gone on to take more senior positions within the  third sector including Chief Executive roles. I am proud of the diversity we have within our Executive Team and Senior Management Team, and the positive role models those leaders provide  for people wanting to progress through our organisation.

Over the next year we will continue all the positive initiatives and further challenge ourselves to ensure we continue to be able to ‘give the very best of ourselves’ in all of our roles in life.


Karen Biggs

Chief Executive, Phoenix Futures

Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).