Our Networks

The European Federation of Therapeutic Communities is a membership organisation that supports the development of Therapeutic Communities across Europe.  It has 40 members from 25 European Countries and 40 different organizations. Its mission is: 

  • to support the community as method approach. 
  • to encourage the development of effective programmes and models for treatment, throughout the European continent
  • to provide a channel and forum for communication and co-ordination between regional agencies, national government and European bodies 
  • to encourage a high standard of staff training and ethics 
  • to promote and co-ordinate exchanges between treatment centres working in the field of drug treatment care, rehabilitation, research, prevention and training 
  • to continue to develop and evaluate new methods which empower social integration and relapse prevention for our service users 
  • to facilitate the organisation of European conferences on Rehabilitation and Drug Treatment Policy 

As one of two providers of the TC approach in Britain, our membership of EFTC is vitally important to Phoenix. It allows us a forum to develop our approach and share our learning.
Karen Biggs, Phoenix Futures' Chief Executive is a Board member of EFTC. 

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ECETT Networks organise exchanges of knowledge in Europe between professionals through traineeships, using the model of the trade guild system (MECETT). They have compiled a catalogue of organisations with expertise in human centred professions, including social work, education, addiction and youth. By visiting other organisations members are able to gain alternative methods and perspectives, allowing issues to be solved using the experience of other organisations. 

Phoenix Futures has been a member since 2011, and manages the UK Helpdesk for the network.
Fran Gray, Head of Learning and Development at Phoenix Futures sits on the Ecett Board and Steering Committee.

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Collective Voice is a group of nine voluntary sector organisations who have come together to ensure that the voices of the drug and alcohol treatment sector and those who use our services are represented effectively. Phoenix Futures have been a member of Collective Voice since its formation in 2015. The diverse group of organisations have a combined turnover of £380 million a year.

The purpose of Collective Voice is to ensure that the voice of the drug and alcohol treatment sector and those who use our services are adequately heard. 
Karen Biggs, Phoenix Futures' Chief Executive is the current Chair of Collective Voice.  

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