Recovery through Sport

Following our 2012 Voyage of Recovery, over 80% of participants completed their treatment programme compared to a national average across the sector of 55%.

Our Recovery through Sport projects provide opportunities for those with drug and alcohol problems to develop skills and build confidence through participating in sports activities. It is part of the Recovery through.. series which also includes Recovery through Sports and Recovery through Art.

These activities can help reduce the risk of relapse, deepen engagement with treatment and encourage participants to think about living. They open doors to a life without drink and drugs.


Reins to Recovery

Reins to Recovery is a ten week equine therapy programme we have run in Barnsley. Over the ten weeks participants, who are in the early stages of recovery, carry out a variety of tasks with horses. These tasks are specifically designed to help boost participants’ self-esteem and build confidence.

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Fit2Play is a football based health and well-being programme we ran in partnership with Tranmere Rovers and the Livewell Team in the Wirral. The programme runs over 10 weeks. Each week participants attend a health and wellbeing workshop before taking part in football and training. Fit2Play creates an environment where participants can socialise and build friendships without drugs or alcohol.

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Voyage of Recovery

The Voyage of Recovery offers people using our services the opportunity to take part in a working sailing trip. Participants become active members of the boat crew - literally learning the ropes.

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Want to develop, create or fund an activity?

We work with a wide range of partner organisations, volunteers and funders. If you have an interest in any of these areas and would like to make a positive difference get in touch and let's see what we can do together.

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