Shared Reading

“I can feel quite negative about myself and my life, but coming into the reading group is like pressing the ‘reset’ button; I leave it feeling much more positive.”

The Shared Reading project at Phoenix, in partnership with the Reader Organisation, is a programme of workshops where people come together to read and share ideas. The workshops are accessible to everyone, literature is read aloud and group members are welcome to join in or simply sit and listen.

A shared reading workshop typically takes place weekly. The workshop focuses on reading a short story or prose extract, followed by the reading of a poem.

 The workshops are demanding and encourage group members to get out of their comfort zone.

The workshops challenge participants to:

  • extend and develop their ideas and responses
  • read aloud in a group
  • express their thoughts in a group for the first time
  • take on board and sensitively discuss views that are different from their own

Since the introduction of shared reading in Phoenix Futures, participants have reported a variety of positive outcomes. These include:

  • reduced stress and increased wellbeing
  • improved confidence and self-esteem
  • reduced feelings of isolation
  • a supportive community of people in recovery

Who are our partners?

The Reader Organisation



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