Evidence-Based Models

Our models across these settings are built on evidence-based interventions tailored to the setting and the people within these needs. They are designed to provide innovative and effective evidenced-based psychosocial interventions for substance and alcohol using clients, either within a community or in a custodial setting. 

In some of these settings we deliver models that cover wellbeing and as such work with wider population groups. 

Our models are well integrated alongside and in partnership with the Healthcare Teams. Our provision responds to all potential client needs, building to the appropriate intensity to be delivered at the right time.  The aim is to reduce repetition, avoid treatment wastage, and build tailor-made treatment packages for all.

Interventions to meet the needs of each individual 

The interventions give the service the ability to mix and match interventions to meet the needs of each individual at any point in time.

They address all the core issues of substance and alcohol use and aim to build client recovery capital. There are interventions for people at all phases of treatment. The interventions are built up one by one to give the right intensity for the client group and individual.

Families, carers, and loved ones are not forgotten within our models, with an emphasis on Family Support to ensure a wider holistic approach is taken.

To find out more about our justice system models please contact: 


Tom Wright, Head of Operations England on Thomas.wright@phoenixfutures.org.uk or 07729000481. 


Lyndsey Wilson-Hague, Head of Operations Scotland on Lyndsey.wilson-hague@phoenixfutures.org.uk.