Community as Method

The community is the most important thing in the TC; The phrase “Community as Method” is often used and is the fundamental concept of how the TC works. 

Both staff and service users are members of the community and it is the community that facilitates positive change. The main aim of the TC is to bring about change in the attitudes and behaviour of community members.

How the TC benefits people who use substances 

It is specifically designed and organised so that all the elements of the TC help Community Members learn and accept social norms and develop more effective social skills so that they can function and live life in a more positive way. This is achieved by its members taking responsibility for the running of the house and living with and supporting each other’s recovery journey.

The TC replicates wider society: it is structured and organised so that all members have a role to play in community life as well as attending groups, 1:1 sessions and a range of activities.

There are 3 stages of the TC:

  • Welcome House
  • Primary
  • Senior Stages

As Community Members move through the programme they will develop skills, gain a better understanding of their behaviour and gain increased levels of personal and social responsibility.

National Specialist Family Service

Our National Specialist Family Service uses the TC principles alongside a whole family approach (supporting all the family’s needs) to support families to stay together working with service users to reduce the harms associated with parental substance misuse, promoting health and development, and fostering positive parenting and family functioning.

To find out more about our residential services please contact:


Lori Parker, Head of Therapeutic Communities on or 07354 163326. 


Jeanne Rutherford, Head of Operations Scotland on or 07580 902773.