Blog from Michelle, Volunteer at Wirral Residential

Volunteers Week 2023

7th June 2023

Michelle came into treatment at Wirral residential in February 2023, and after a couple of months at Wirral Residential soon decided to make a referral with the support of her keyworker to Wirral supported housing.

Michelle joined us at our Wirral supported Housing service in April and was doing so well and took the step to begin volunteering at Tomorrow’s women, a charity that offers free courses, activities and support in an all-women’s safe space. During Michelle’s time volunteering for Tomorrow’s Women she successfully completed multiple training courses such as Counselling and Adult Social care.

Michelle showed an interest in returning to Wirral residential as a mentor, looking to help others who are on the same journey she travelled. Michelle was so supportive to other residents as they could relate to her lived experience.

Michelle also supported staff running the floor, supporting with resident’s needs, phone calls, accompanying to health appointments, and taking the lead with groups. Michelle is an expert in the Therapeutic model and is enabled to support and challenge both residents and staff, with a positive respectful attitude.

Since making these huge strides, Michelle has her children back in her life and her health has improved massively. Michelle’s aim is now employment with Phoenix futures, and she is looking forward to investing in training and working along staff making a difference for community members.

Michelle told us, “Being a volunteer keeps me connected and allows me to be in a position to help those going into treatment as I was once myself in that position, I feel I can demonstrate through my own experience that by working on ourselves through the support from the therapeutic workers, that we can turn our lives around and live without the use of substances.”

“It took me a while to get to this point in my recovery, and I feel I have only been able to achieve my sobriety, through the support given to me by both Wirral residential and Wirral supported housing staff. I am able to look forward to living my life with a bright future.”