Before arriving at Phoenix, I remember packing and then unpacking my case on numerous occasions, knowing that it was the place I needed to be to save my life, but being so frightened. I had nightmares like you wouldn’t believe and I felt every emotion, I was scared stiff. 

Murphy and I arrived at Phoenix’s Wirral Residential on the 13th of September 2016, and we were made to feel very welcome straight away. I have had some good days and not so good days but I know that I am gaining confidence, self-esteem and I now know all about consequential thinking! The staff are all lovely and I have learned such a lot about myself… I am now making choices that will benefit my future. 

I feel that I now have my life back and still have a lot of living to do. I am now looking forward to the future! I can’t thank Phoenix enough for all the love and support they have given and for helping me to realise that I am a worthwhile person who deserves to be happy.

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