Phoenix podcast

The Phoenix Podcast is a series of bite-size podcast episodes that highlight the positive new life recovery can bring and give advice on how to start the journey.

Our Podcast team, made up of Phoenix Futures’ staff and volunteers, wanted to use their experience in recovery to educate, inspire, and give hope to people with drug and alcohol problems, professionals, and those concerned about a loved one.

Listen to them here:

Season 2

Episode 1:

Katie and Jay explore what makes a good drugs worker and debate whether or not they need to have a personal history of substance misuse to understand?



Episode 2:

Kate and Dean talk about the power of the mind. They discuss reality overload, the importance of sharing with other people and not letting negative thoughts take control.



Episode 3:

Dean and Sol talk about co-dependency, tough love and rebuilding healthy relationships.



Episode 4: 

Kate and Jay talk about recovery in prison, the support you get inside and the commitment you have to show.



Episode 5:

Kate and Sol are talking about gambling, how it has an effect on others and yourself, and how you can overcome it.



Episode 6:

Katie and Jay talk about deserving a future including day-to-day achievements, building better relationships, and having self belief.


Season 1

Episode 1

First Steps, Presented by Courtney and Katie, looked at the ‘First Steps’ one might take on the road to recovery, when to take them, how to take them and discuss ways someone might avoid slipping up.



Episode 2

Back in Touch, Bob and Kate explore what it really means to reconnect with the community, talking to the general public to find out what they really think and how much they know about addiction.



Episode 3

Chris and Sol explore the effects family can have on someones addiction and recovery. Looking at enabling behaviour, offering support and tough love.



Episode 4

Jay and Dean continue to explore the family theme, exploring the effects substance misuse can have on the family.



Episode 5

Paul and Tracey talk about Moving On, using the tools you learn in treatment to live independently.



Season finale

Kate and Katie talk about Living you dreams, rebuilding relationships and living a fulfilling life.




The podcast in numbers...

2: series of the Phoenix Podcast.

8: people on the podcast team.

2,180: average number of listeners to each podcast.

57,000: people reached through social media.


What challenge does it offer for the participants?

The Phoenix Podcast would be nothing without the honesty, bravery and compassion of people who want to help others by sharing their stories.

The project offers members of the team the chance to:

  • learn skills in radio production
  • build confidence by working with new people
  • help those in need of support


Who are our partners?

Prison Radio Association


How does the activity support long term recovery?

Alongside building skills and confidence for those involved in the making of the podcasts, we have created a valuable resource for others affected by drug and alcohol misuse.

Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).