Footprints Survey Report 2020 - Residential Registered Care Services

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21 February 2020

Footprints Survey Report - Residential Registered Care Services

Every two years at Phoenix we ask the people who use our services the questions other people probably haven’t asked them. People who access services, particularly for substance use issues are asked a lot of questions. But our Footprints survey asks the questions that give us an understanding of the life lived before a person comes to us. We know problematic substance use is a bi-product of a life of abuse, poverty, neglect and/or trauma. And once we understand that from a lived experience perspective, we can create services that are truly responsive.

This report summarises what we have learnt from people who use our services and identifies four key findings

 1/ People who access registered care home services for drug and alcohol addiction have experienced multiple traumatic experiences in their lives, many occurring in childhood which have had a devastating  impact on their adulthood

 2/ People with multiple and complex needs face significant barriers in accessing Residential Registered Care Home services that provide the high level of care that are most suited to meet their needs

 3/ Locally designed processes are onerous and stigmatising and deter people from getting the help available.  This creates a perception of ‘lack of demand’ which impacts national and local policy decisions

 4/There are examples of good practice across the UK that use psychologically informed processes and models of support that build motivation reduce stigma and facilitate fair access to services

To read the full report document click here

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