News: Phoenix Graduate Donates Money from Album Sales

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22 June 2015


Adam Norrie is a Phoenix Futures graduate. He is now using music to tell his story, which he hopes will help others on their journey of recovery. Adam’s debut album, Pros and Cons, will be out soon and 2% of gross sales will be donated to Phoenix. Adam tells us how Phoenix helped him turn his life around.

I arrived up the driveway of Storth Oaks on July 3rd 2013. I was broken, lost depressed and stuck in a vicious circle, unable to break the cycle of using substances to deal with the pressures of life. I knew that I had to stay the duration of my rehabilitation, there was nowhere else to turn.

It took me several weeks to detox off my methadone, but the staff and my peers made this process easier by giving me support and encouragement. I really enjoyed the recreation side of Phoenix Futures; being able to go on day trips and visit places of interest. This showed me that there was light at the end of this extremely dark tunnel. I began to see hope and gained motivation from this breakthrough.

The biggest turning point for me was writing my life story and delivering it verbally to the community and staff. This helped me deal with issues that I was not even aware existed. Having witnessed violence and extreme trauma whilst living in the USA, I was suffering with post-traumatic stress. With the help of staff and my peers, which by now had become my friends, I overcame emotional baggage and found myself being transformed into a ‘normal’ drug free human being, something that was extremely alien to me ‘pardon the pun’.

All in all, Phoenix Futures transformed me; not only teaching me how to live without relying on substances, but helped me grow as a person. Life is a struggle and it has not been plain sailing, but I feel that without this treatment I would not be alive today. I have recorded my first solo album, Pros and Cons, and wish to donate 2 percent of gross album sales to the recreation department, where I am certain Shane Kimberly will make sure others who choose to take part in the various activities offered will benefit as much as I did.

I had the honour of Trevor Sandford travelling down to Abbey Road studios London, to watch the album being made and recorded. On the day Trevor came we were laying down drums on Four Leaf Clova and Blues and Twos, I was actually on the drum kit as he arrived!

So I urge you to buy the album as it tells the story of my experiences and will benefit others trying to get their lives back. It will be on sale soon. Please follow the link to my official web site for news and updates of the upcoming release:

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