News: Phoenix welcomes first canine resident

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17 September 2015

Our Wirral Residential Service has welcomed its first four-legged resident – Buster the dog.


Phoenix opened a block of new kennels earlier this year to help people who own pets access treatment without having to give up their animals. The 18-month-old American Bulldog Buster, who arrived at the residential service with his owner on Wednesday 9 September, has taken the first spot in the three kennels available for furry companions.


Phoenix decided to open kennels when it became clear having to give up a pet was a barrier to treatment for some people needing help. Our Hampshire Residential Service will soon be opening its own set of kennels, after the positive response from dog owners.


Buster’s owner explains why the kennels were key to his recovery:


“I wouldn’t have come into residential rehabilitation without my dog Buster. He is my best mate and I would be lost without him…he is my companion…to be without him would be like losing my right arm. He is an 18 month old American Bull dog, he is 6 stone but still has more growing to do!


“He is a lovable companion, very gentle and the amazing bond between us is unbreakable! I wouldn’t be able to get through any of this without him…when I feel anxious, nervous or angry, just being with him makes me feel more relaxed and able to cope.


“I love him, he loves me and we love our time together. When we go on our walks… I find it so relaxing…almost like a sedative!


“Since I arrived with Buster, both Buster and I have settled in well…the freedom he has been given has been fantastic and other residents are actually asking if they can walk him, so there is no lack of volunteers and helpers. Having Buster with me is so important and I couldn’t do this without him!”


If you would like to refer someone with a pet to the Wirral Residential Service email or call 0151 652 2667

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