Roadshows 2016

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9 May 2016

On May 4th the last of 14 Phoenix Futures Roadshows took place - the events are held each year to give the Executive Team a chance to meet staff throughout the country, to talk through the priorities and direction for Phoenix over the coming year and to get staff involved in helping shape future strategy.




Chief Executive, Karen Biggs led the events by talking about Phoenix’s key corporate objectives for the year ahead, which will focus on

  • Developing a balance of provision (community, prison and housing services)

  • Building recovery capital through Phoenix Plus

  • And supporting the health and wellbeing of our experts

Roadshow task


Karen finished the day by relating how she responds to the common question:

“What you do for a living?”

 “I say I run a charity that supports people with drug and alcohol problems to recover. And I know whoever I say that to, as soon as those words come out of my mouth they have created a story  about what my day is like, what the people I work with are like and what their life experience is like. That story includes crime, violence, a lack of love and compassion and sad lives full of hardship, disadvantage and social exclusion and they wouldn't be wrong would they?”

 “We work in difficult times with less and less value put on the work we do and the people we help. As society makes tough decisions about how to spend limited resources they make decisions about the deserving and undeserving and all too often people who use our services are deemed to be undeserving.”

“That paints a picture, a story of hardship and challenge, of dependency and despair that at the very best is only half the story and at worse perpetuates the stigma and prejudice we are trying to stop.”

Karen then explained that this is not her experience of people in recovery - she sees them as “brave, resilient people that have developed the recovery capital to motivate and sustain themselves in their recovery”

And her experience of working at Phoenix Futures is with “people who are, passionate, motivated and want to come to work and give their very best every day.”

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Phoenix Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 284880) and in Scotland (No SCO39008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Provider of Social Housing with Homes England (H3795).