Sarah's Story

node leader
18 April 2017

I had a fantastic upbringing. I was blessed with a loving and supportive family and I was taught good values and morals and had an amazing role models in my parents and my sister.

I had always struggled with low self-esteem and self-belief. I was encouraged and supported although I could never find that for myself. I always felt I didn't belong anywhere and I didn't fit in.  I felt like an outsider even among my groups of friends.

Addiction for me began in my early teens in the form of self-harm and progressed to drink and drugs.

Through my addiction I lost everything.  I lost myself.  My self-esteem, my values and beliefs changed.  I became selfish and self-centered.  I became a liar, I manipulated everyone and I stole.  I stole the peace of mind of those who loved me.

Everything became about me and what I could gain.  Addiction took from me, my choices, my relationships, work, social life, health and my sense of self.  Addiction knows no boundaries.

Finally, after years of destruction and many failed attempts at home detox and rehab.  I made a decision.  I was sick of being sick. I had reached a place where I didn't want to live and I didn't want to die either.  I was broken. I was ready.

My life changed on 29th May 2014. I made the decision to go to Phoenix Futures

I spent six months in Glasgow residential. I remember my key worker once told me; "we only ask you to change one thing" I thought fantastic!  I can do that.  What's the one thing?  Well he wasn't kidding with his reply…"Everything"

As daunting as this seemed at the time, I did make that one change asked of me.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done but it has been the most rewarding and life changing.

I live a life I'm proud of today. I use the tools Phoenix taught me and continue to strive to be the best version of me I can be. I have so much to give back. I can tell you I'm a kind and caring person and I love helping others to battle their demons. Once so lost and desperate and now I hardly recognise that broken wee girl that went to Phoenix almost 3 years ago.

I have done so many amazing things since then.  I became involved with street Soccer Scotland while in Phoenix. I found my passion again for football. I went to Malta for 2 weeks with SSS and coached Maltese kids. I went to Gambia with Glasgow Girls, my ladies football team to promote girls and woman's football. We spent time coaching the kids in the community and local schools. I went from a volunteer at Celtic FC foundation to being a community coach. Working on several different projects including Urban stars for children with autism.

I am so blessed and I love my life and my job. I am giving back to my community.  I have built bridges with my family I once feared were beyond repair.  I'm trusted by people.  I strive to help others who face the same challenges I once faced.

Phoenix have given me hope and happiness back in my life.  This journey has been the most challenging, I will always be grateful to those who walked this road with me and still do.

I am now equipped to deal with life, on life terms.  I have survived 100% of my worst days and I'm ready to face life challenges and embrace and cherish the beautiful moments and memories recovery has given me.

I love my life today.

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